How to Book the Ball Machine


Cost is $5 for 55 minutes  (cash, please bring exact change)



Booking Procedures


  • Residents may book same day for the ball machine.

  • Residents may call in (705-445-1636) or book in person; same-day in advance and walk-ins are accepted.

  • Residents need to tag Water Court #3 on the day they wish to book the machine, prior to booking to ensure they have the court reserved. It is advisable they check the water court schedule online or at the tagging board to ensure it is free at the time they wish to use it.

  • Booking is best if it is done on the hour—this matches the tagging board.  If a resident chooses to use it on the half hour, they may, but risk being bumped by someone who has tagged.

  • Last booking time is 7:30pm.



Ball Machine Checkout Procedures


  • First time use—ALL residents must sign a waiver and read the Safety & Handling sheet.  Adults 18 and older must sign; anyone younger than 18 must have a parent/legal guardian sign it for them.

  • Players will receive the ball machine filled with balls, the Kollectaball ball collector (if desired) and a remote to use with the machine.

  • Quick start instructions and recommended settings are attached to the machine for reference. 

  • 5 minutes should be left at the end of the session to collect balls and ensure there is enough time to get the ball machine back within the allotted time slot.