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LHP Communications Survey


In 2015, a Communications Task Force was formed by the Shared Facilities Committee to examine ways to strengthen the sense of commuity and communications at Lighthouse Point.


The Task Force sent a survey to to all owners that asked:

  • what they enjoyed about LHP

  • what could be done to enhance the sense of community

  • their views on existing communications

  • for ideas for improved communications


Key findings from the survey included:


  1. Owners are interested in more social events & organized activities;

  2. Owners supported a new website to improve owners' access to important and useful information

  3. Email is the preferred form of communication for owners and owners were strongly in support of a regular e-newsletter

  4. Owners would like more communication about Shared Facilities


For more findings, recommendations by the Task Force and a detailed summary of survey results, click here or on the report image.





For information on Lighthouse Point demographics (such as the number of permanent residents vs second home owners, the age of owners, and how long owners have lived at LHP) click on the slideshow image.






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