Marina Slips

COVID-19 Updates

May 15, 2020 Update: The Ontario Government has permitted marinas to open on Saturday, May 16th. Please note that the Marina is opening within other remaining government restrictions. The Rupert Bronsdon Community Centre is open office hours only (Mon-Fri 9-5 / Sat 9-1 / closed holidays) to unlock the boat ramp gate.

If you are putting in your boat, or having your boat delivered, please call or have your boat storage company call the office (705-445-1636) to inform whose boat is coming and at what time so that the paperwork can be checked prior to delivery. With an arrival time, the gate will be opened with minimal personal contact. Thank you.

Lighthouse Point is a private Marina. Only unit owners are entitled to own a slip. Only unit owners and registered tenants may rent slips.

Please note: to prevent phishing, email addresses are listed "at the service provider" - human beings, please use @ symbol for that phrase!

If you have a slip that you wish to list for sale or rent, please contact the E & H Property Management Office. Thank you.


Rental prices indicated are for the 2020 Boating Season.

A DOCK - 30 Foot 

AE07 - FOR RENT  Contact: Jessica (jessica attheserviceprovider  647-444-0032


AE15 - FOR RENT Contact: Mark (christielake1 attheserviceprovider  647-992-2144


AW20 - Most preferred location! FOR RENT  Contact Brian (bstotland attheserviceprovider  416-617-7594


B DOCK - 30 Foot

BE08 - FOR RENT $425 OBO  Contact: Carolyn (lmclas05 attheserviceprovider

BE17 - FOR RENT $300  Contact: Monica (mhomorcean attheserviceprovide  905-599-4656



C DOCK - 30 Foot

CE02 - FOR RENT $500  Contact: Mauro (mpenn attheserviceprovider  519-223-6464

CE06 - FOR RENT $400  Contact: Julian  (nawrocki attheserviceprovider  416-616-1680

CE18 - FOR RENT  $350  Contact: Raymond: 705-999-3415 or 705-606-8190

D DOCK - 30 Foot

DE03 - FOR SALE $3500 or best offer.  Contact: Bryan (btmccormick007 attheserviceprovider  905-302-3693

DE04 - FOR RENT $500  Contact: John (johnhmoore01 attheserviceprovider  416-420-1954

DE16 - FOR RENT Desirable location on the end! $550 Contact: Debbie (debunderhill atthewerviceprovider  416-818-7455

DW05 - FOR RENT Best offer by June 1st. Contact Rayan or Sonja (lhpdw05 attheserviceprovider

DW08 - FOR RENT $500  Contact: Rick (hilborn attheserviceprovider  or nhilborn attheserviceprovide   519-221-7123


E DOCK - 35 Foot

EE07 - FOR RENT  $400  Contact: Ayoob  (ayoobmossanen1 attheserviceprovider 416-230-1713



F DOCK - 40 Foot

FE01 - FOR RENT  Contact: Reda (rrafla attheserviceprovider  416-996-6834

FW02 - FOR RENT $400 Contact: Sherwin (sherwin.shapiro attheserviceprovider 647-640-4404 

FW04 - FOR RENT $989  Contact: Kam (kamyarkahnamoui attheserviceprovider

FW05 - FOR RENT $500 OBO  Contact: Walter (kbordne attheserviceprovider  H 416-281-0798  C 647-975-3224

FW06 - FOR RENT Best Offer! Contact: Real (RMTPilon attheserviceprovider 416-709-5155

FW10 - FOR RENT  $989  Contact Glenn 647-822-3235

G DOCK - 45 Foot


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