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Lighthouse Point is a unique community and we need strong governance to ensure things run smoothly, our community continues to thrive and our property values are maximized. This page provides an overview of this governance.


Condo Corporations


Lighthouse Point is comprised of 19 separate condominium corporations, each of which is legally required to have its own Board of Directors.


The corporations are governed by the Ontario Condominium Act (recently amended), as well as each corporation's own specific Declaration, which is essentially that condo corporation's Constitution. Owners should have received a copy of the Declaration and its by-laws (by-laws supplement anything missing in the Declaration) from their lawyer when they purchased. Owners can also view the condo documents through the Owners login page on this website.


Shared Facilities Committee


We are fortunate to have many fantastic amenities at Lighthouse Point, such as the marina, Recreation Centre, swimming pools, tennis courts and playground, and maintenance of these amenities is shared between the condo corporations. Much of the landscaping is also shared. To govern these shared facilities fairly, a Shared Facilities Committee was established, which comprises representatives of each of the Boards of the 19 condo corporations, and acts like a large Board of Directors. Its primary legal document is the Shared Facilities Agreement, which is signed by each of the corporation.


Governace Task Force - The size and complexity of the many shared facilities means that having good governance is essential in order to ensure good decision-making and effective oversight. In 2015, a Governance Task Force was established by the Shared Facilities Committee to strengthen the Committee's governance processes and ensure we are at the forefront of best practices in Canada. For more information on the progress of this work, click here.


Property Management


It would be impossible for volunteer Boards to effectively run and manage a community as large and complex as Lighthouse Point, which is a lot like a small town. So the day-to-day management and operations are delegated by the condo corporations and Shared Facilities Committee to a professional property management company, which looks after all of the maintenance and repairs at LHP from grass cutting to roof replacements.

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