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The 19 condominium corporations at LHP are bound together by a Shared Facilities Agreement.  Included in that Agreement is the establishment of a Shared Facilities Committee (SFC) which administers the Shared Facilities of LHP.  The SFC is made up of one representative from each condominium corporation.  That representative must be a member of the Board of Directors of their corporation. 


The SFC is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of most of the amenities at LHP with the exceptions being the Marina and anything that falls under the jurisdiction of the condominium corporations and/or individual units.    These amenities include but are not limited to the Recreation Centre, tennis courts, swimming pools, walking paths, roadways and parking lots, playground, maintenance building, lawns, gardens, beaches and more. 


The SFC is also responsible for the establishment and enforcement of the rules as they apply to the shared facilities.  Like the condominium corporations, the SFC administers both an operating fund and reserve fund.  So why is the SFC at LHP so important?  Because most of your common element fees go towards funding the shared facilities.  For more information regarding the Shared Facilities and its Committee please contact your Board of Directors or the property management office.


To view the Shared Facilities / Common Elements Rules, click here.









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